DrugzWarz Players Guide
Thank You
Thank You!!.. for agreeing to play DrugWarz Beta and helping us to test it. We are running some time-limited games to get feedback and find bugs
This game and language are adult themed.
It might be fun if it didn't, so let us know of anything in the game offends you by using the FuckThisShit button in the Pager
(no there isn't one, keeping sucking it until we work something out)
So you wanna be in the game?. Use the Register link. This isn't some kids game Cuz.
Choose your player name and use a valid email address.

We'll be in touch...

Next you will need to choose your Home Manor. Choose carefully, bad Manors can't be corrected.
Its important that you borrow money before your first move.
Do this from your wonga-like local shark. They charge 10% every 24 hours. Outrageous.
You can get a monkey out to get you going. Off ya pop

Don't worry you'll quickly make this up, if you do your homework.

Take a look at the prices of gear that your local dealer and other players are offering in your barrio before making a move. Buy some gear and put it on sale and see if anyone wants it.
Before you move, you can always sell it back at the same price.
Aaaaaalll about taking care the prices, the profit, P.
You start the game in your chosen anor and are credited with 10 ticks.
You are also credited with any ticks since the game started, so don''t bang on about anyone doing time.
1 move = 1 Tick.
If you move, you lose a tick. Are you thick?
1 new tick is awarded every hour.
Try and make p on each move and see how you get on flower..
A variety of goodz are available at each location.
Use the Buy buttons for Gunz, and Drugz, to see the price and availability of gear in your area.
It shows you what you can afford and how many you can buy.
You can only carry 100 items at a time.
Once you have purchased some gear, you can offer it for sale at between 10-99% markup. You can change this using the Edit button.
To make a sale, use the Sell button, trust me, it's all good

Local Dealers in different areas have different prices. Prices change every time.
Offer your goodz to all crew for a markup or sell to the local dealer.
Players in the same area may have differing prices at their local dealer.
Local dealers always trying to switch on people, see if you can play 'em at their own game.
When at home, use the Cashpoint button to Deposit, Withdraw, Borrow, and Repay Cash.
You get 2% a day by putting spare cash in the bank. You can withdraw cash when at home for free.

Oi, if you're caught slippin n need spare credits, use the cashpoint to withdraw your currency.
When you're at home, you have an extra 100 spaces where you can stash stuff for later.
You can only stash and retrieve stock when you're at home.
Your Worth is calculated as your bank balance plus your personal wealth.
It does not include your investment in illicit goods - obviously, that would be illegal ffs.

The value of your gear is shown in each banner, but will only be added to your worth when you cash convert.

Your gear and money are safe if they are stashed / banked (for now).
If you're caught slippin with full pockets and wedge, you're gonna get taxed fam, it could get nasty.
Selling at a loss to gain coat space is a common practice. Perhaps you can get Worst Deal of the Day ?!
Drop cheap shit to gain some coat space if you can't sell it.

Re-Check your sales percentages when you buy something you already have.
Use your stash space when theres plenty of cheap gear around
Team up with other players to make the best of your moves.
The game ends when we say so or if it breaks. Watch out for the word on the street for more info.
Highest Worth, Deal Of all Time, and other notable acts may or may not be recorded for posterity in some sort of Hall of Fame. There are no winners in this game, get me ?
This is a white label BETA version and therefore, themes, labels, names, places, prices, etc. may change without notice while we fuck about. Roll with it, adapt and survive.
Additionally we take no responsibility if yo get sacked because you signed up with your works email. This game is not safe for work
We dont ask for, or store, any info about you apart from your email address.
Allowing us to put a cookies on your device will help with gameplay (we dont share, we can't be bought).
Supergrass might email you, opt out of emails in Pagers, this is Not Safe For Work and only for fun.

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